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Fashion is different for every person, and most of us like to have our own unique style. If you have African roots or family, you may want to incorporate some authentic African jewelry into your wardrobe. It will add flare and color to any outfit, all while helping you feel that connection to “the motherland.” Our African bracelets are perfect for this! All are handmade in Ghana, Kenya, or Mali and because they are each made by hand, each is completely unique. Each has its own special feature. The Woven Taureg Bracelets are waterproof because they are made of vine and plastic material. They’re stretchy and versatile and can be worn casually or dressed up. The Ghana Trade Bead Bracelet is made of colored glass trade beads – all colorful and unique. These beads were once used as currency! The Kenyan Beaded Leather Bracelets are made of real leather and are hand made by Kenyan craftspeople. Any of these bracelets would be a style staple in your wardrobe. Why not buy all three?
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Woven Tuareg Bracelet Woven Tuareg Bracelet
Our Price: $2.99